Get to Know Me

My name’s Corinne — and I’m pretty glad you’re here. I’m five feet of enthusiasm and cheesy jokes and itchy travel feet. After breaking away from radio and TV news, I’m focused on a new passion: traveling.

I’ve loved traveling for as long as I can remember. There’s something special about standing in a new place for the first time and realizing the potential it holds. I grew up embracing that mentality — my dad’s a retired Army colonel and we spent a lot of summers road tripping from one duty station to the next. I learned quickly travel is what you make of it.  Traveling to me isn’t about collecting passport stamps or ticking items off a list of must-see’s, it’s about experiencing a new place — going where the locals go  — and making it your own.

So, why “Five Foot Explorer?” Well, for starters, I’m five foot (technically, five foot half-an-inch, if you really wanted to know). Secondly, an explorer, by definition,  is someone who explores an unfamiliar area. I think most travelers expect that to mean someone who jets halfway across the globe, but in my experience that’s not always the case.  I’ve found sometimes the best adventures are right in front of me in my own backyard — and that’s why this blog highlights all of my favorite gems that are both close to home and a little farther away from it.  There will be lots of hiking trails and girls getaways and a few couples’ trips thrown into the mix. Some posts will be short and sweet and to the point (like me); others will be a little long-winded at times. Hopefully, all of it will inspire you to take a trip, remembering that you don’t always have to travel far, far away to find those sweet adventures.

Thanks for following along!

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